Moira’s makeup artist defends the singer from Composer Lolito Go: “Wala ka nang pakealam don”


Moira dela Torre went viral on social media after a composer revealed the alleged dark side of the singer behind ‘Paubaya’, ‘Tagpuan’ and ‘Ikaw at Ako’.

In a Facebook post, Theresa Padin who’s working for Moira for seven years as a makeup artist said that composer Lolito Go should stop meddling with the personal affairs of the singer.

“Lolito, sir, kung nagising ka kaninang umaga at naisip mo na lang na may karapatan kang manghimasok sa relasyon nina Jason and Moira, mali ka don.” Theresa said.

“Did you just say you “pray for their healing” while dissecting their issues in public? And did you really think “This issue can be mended privately”? e ikaw yung nag public post ng napakahaba,” she added.

According to her, Lolito has no right to talk about the personal matters of Moira and Jason who got separated in 2022.

She also admitted that Moira was not perfect and also have flaws.

“As Moira’s personal make-up artist, close friend, and Ate for the past 7 years, I pray you also find it in your heart to test your intentions. Hindi perfect si Moi, kami nga din nagkatampuhan nyan. But the test of time has revealed her true character and her heart.” she stated.

“The surface na nascratch ng iba won’t give justice to who she really is deep down. Only a handful has an access to see that (as it should) dahil we learned along the way na we are not wired naman talaga to be people-pleasers and mamuhay just to gain approval from just anyone. Kami kasama niya parati. We were there. Wala kang access sa mga personal na nangyayari sa buhay niya.” she also said.