Vice Ganda answers an open letter written for him by a teacher


Vice Ganda responds to a viral open letter from a teacher on social media platforms.

According to Vice, viewers should not take his character as “YorMeme” on the noontime show “It’s Showtime” seriously.

It all started during a segment of the show where “YorMeme” made a joke about banning teachers from calling on students who don’t raise their hands during recitations and also prohibiting students who have reviewed from taking exams.

Due to this, Vice’s joke received various reactions and was disliked by a teacher who posted an open letter.

“Calling students who are not raising their hands is never wrong and never will be.”


“This effective strategy creates an expectation that all students are ready to answer every question. Guess what? This has been proven to promote attention, engagement, and participation,” the teacher said.

“Hindi pagpapahoya ang tawag diyan. Maging aral sana ito sayo na bago ka maglahad ng iyong kuro-kuro ay dapat munang alamin mo kung may kabuluhan ba ito,” she added.

After the open letter went viral, Vice immediately responded.

At first, the comedian agreed with the teacher’s statement but reminded them that “Yormeme” is just a character and everything he says is meant as a joke.

Tama naman po ang karamihan sa mga sinabi ninyo. Matalino po ang pagkakalahad ninyo ng mga argumento ninyo. Mukhang alam na alam po ninyo ang mga sinasabi ninyo. Hanga po ako,” Vice tweeted.

“Yun nga lang po at baka hindi n’yo alam na ang ‘Yormeme’ ay isang RUNNING JOKE! Lahat po ng sinasabi ni Yormeme ay mali. Si Yormeme ay isang huwad at magnanakaw na pulitiko. Isa s’yang maling tao.” he added,

Sana po’y di n’yo siya sineryoso. Kahanga-hanga po ang matalino at maalam. Pero ok din po ang may sense of humor paminsan-minsan.” he also said.