Annabelle Rama, nagbigay umano ng ilang mga pangalan sa PDEA na dapat bantayan


Talent manager Annabelle Rama reportedly visited the PDEA office amid the separation rumors between her son, Richard Gutierrez, and his wife, Sarah Lahabati.

In her online program, veteran columnist Cristy Fermin talked about Annabelle’s visit to the agency, saying there were only a few possible reasons why the talent manager went there.

“Ano po ang dahilan kung bakit nagsadya si Ms. Annabelle Rama sa opisina po ng PDEA? Kapag sinabi po nating PDEA, wala na tayong ibang iniisip pa,” said Cristy.

Her source revealed that Annabelle passed a list of personalities that PDEA should watch.

According to her, Annabelle’s visit to PDEA’s office indicated that she was handling a very serious issue.

“Ayon po sa aking source nagpunta po dun si Tita Annabelle Rama para magsumite ng ilang pangalan para tugaygayan ng PDEA,” she stated.

“Malawak at malalim sobrang malalim po ito,” she added.

She also believed that Annabelle wanted to release her information to the public.

“Ayon sa aking source pinigilan si Tita Annabelle ng kanyang abogado dahil ‘yun pala ‘yung mga pasabog na dapat nyang sabihin,” she remarked.

“Sino kaya ang mga pangalang ibinigay ni Annabelle sa PDEA?” she also asked.

As of writing, Annabelle has yet to give any information about why she visited the agency.