Pagtanggap ni Andrea Brillantes ng cellphone mula kay Daniel Padilla sa edad na 12-anyos


Netizens discussed a post from 12-year-old Andrea Brillantes, who received an iPhone from 20-year-old Daniel Padilla in 2015.

The image showed Andrea flexing the new phone she received from her’ long-time crush’ whom she allegedly met secretly last year.

“Daniel Padilla gave Andrea Brillantes an Iphone 6s. Wow! I’m so speechless. No wonder you’re so blessed,” the fan said.

The said photo was uploaded amid the cryptic post from Andrea’s friend, Bea Borres.

Some netizens accused Daniel of ‘conditioning’ Andrea.

However, Daniel’s fans believed that gift giving to younger people, especially friends and colleagues, should not be interpreted badly as it was a normal gesture in the country.

“Do you know how many gifts ryzza got from tvj when she was young? how about aiza? just because andrea was very pretty when she was young, there’s malice in the gifts?” a netizen said.

“Lets be fair. Not a dj fan here. Counting backwards, that was 8 years ago when they did a movie together. So I’m assuming they got close during filming and he really thought of her as a little sister and gifted her an iphone because she probably doesn’t have one,” another netizen remarked.

Andrea and Daniel became co-stars on the ABS-CBN series “Pangako Sa’yo” in 2015.