Pamilya Jalosjos, sinabing sila ang may-ari ng Eat Bulaga at mga segment: ‘We have papers to prove it’


Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE Inc.) insisted that they’re the rightful owner of Eat Bulaga title, including its segments.

In an interview with, officials of TAPE who are also members of the Jalosjos family said that they have ‘documents’ to prove that they legally own Eat Bulaga.

According to them, they already registered Eat Bulaga in 2011 at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) including its logo.

While their trademark has already expired last June 14, TAPE Inc. said that they already requested its renewal.

“So, talking about even the IPO, we can show records na sa amin po yung IPO. We have the actual paper. Original po ito,” according to Jalosjos.

Aside from the Eat Bulaga title, TAPE also registered ‘Bawal Judgmental’, ‘Pinoy Henyo’, Juan for all, All for Juan, and Kalyeserye as their own.

While they were already informed that TVJ already filed to make Eat Bulaga branding as their own trademark, Jalosjos family said that they would not easily give up their rights.

They also believed that Eat Bulaga is nothing without TAPE Inc.

“Going back to what you were saying, yes, I don’t know what they’re claiming, but kung wala yung TAPE, paano magti-take off yung Eat Bulaga!? It would just have been a mere name. So, how would that happen? I don’t think you need a lawyer to understand that. Whatever claim it may be, it wouldn’t have taken off if TAPE wasn’t there to produce it.” he said.

Jon also insisted that the creative team of Eat Bulaga who resigned from the show said that they’re being paid to make segments for TAPE.

“Huwag na natin pahirapan pa. Yung mga writers ng isang show, puwede ba nila i-claim na sa kanila na yun while they’re being paid salaries, allowances? While you’re being paid to be [a] creative, and then what you created is yours? Is that right?” he asked.

He insisted that there’s no co-ownership agreement between TAPE and its rights about the segments made by Eat Bulaga.

“Any creative idea within that span of period, that’s company-owned.” the other Jalosjos said.