Ilang netizens, may suspetsa sa pagiging absent ni Karylle sa guesting ni Dingdong at Marian sa It’s Showtime


Television host and singer Karylle went viral on social media after several netizens noticed her absence during the guesting of her ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera on It’s Showtime.

On December 16, Dingdong and Marian appeared on It’s Showtime to promote their comeback film “Rewind” under Star Cinema.

Aside from DongYan’s guesting, netizens also talked about Karylle as her relationship with Dingdong didn’t end well.

However, there might be a reason for Karylle why she was absence during the said episode.

“Woke up sick so I’ll be missing work for a couple of days! Stay healthy everyone,” she said.

It can be recalled that in 2008, Karylle disclosed that she ended her relationship with Dingdong amid the rumors that the actor was already close to his co-star in Marimar, Marian Rivera.

“Well, for me there were many reasons that can’t be summed up in just one statement. It’s hard to trivialize things na, you know, this is the only reason and it’s up to the people to figure it out, na bahala na kayong intindihin. Maraming rason kasi, eh. You know, even if we keep on explaining or making kuwento, it’s only the two of us who know everything. People won’t get the whole story,” she said.

When she was asked if Dingdong cheated on her, she only shared a short statement.

“I trusted him,” she stated.