Francis Leo Marcos masaya na nakalaya na, walang sama ng loob sa mga nagpakulong sa kanya


Internet celebrity and self-proclaimed philanthropist Francis Leo Marcos revealed that he was finally allowed to regain his freedom after almost four years behind bars.

In his Facebook Live, Francis was seen being accompanied by his counsel outside MMDJ.

“Ang agila na inirehas ikinadena at isinelda sa wakas NAKALAYA na!!!” he said.

In another post, Francis thanked the people who supported him and even dedicated an emotional speech to his followers.

According to him, he had already forgiven the people who put him behind bars.

“Wala na pong pait sa puso ko, nilinis ng Diyos ang puso ko, masyadong malinis. Ang sabi nila ‘hindi ka ba gaganti?’ ang sabi ko, ‘hindi na,” he said.

After regaining his freedom, Francis started interacting with his fans again via Facebook Live and even claimed he would give his followers sacks of rice again.

Francis became popular on social media due to his philanthropic activities, portraying himself as a very rich individual who chose to help the needy.

He also launched the ‘Mayaman Challenge’ to urge other rich people like him to help other people.

It can be recalled that in 2020, Francis was put under the custody of the authorities after they found that he was allegedly involved in several illegal activities and even using fake identification.

The authorities even claimed that the properties shown by Francis in his Facebook Live were not his.