Tricycle driver, inulan ng batikos matapos singilin ang turista ng P550 para sa isang kilometrong ride


A tricycle driver in Manila went viral on social media after allegedly misled a foreign tourist who was only expected to pay P50 for a ride.

In a Facebook post, the said foreigner was vlogging when a tricycle driver approached him to transport him to his hotel, which is within walking distance.

Even if it’s only a two-minute walk, the foreigner still agrees with the request of the tricycle driver, who said that he only needed to pay 50 pesos.

However, when they arrived at the hotel, the tricycle driver suddenly demanded the tourist pay P550.

The driver argued that he asked for P550 because of the high gasoline price.

He even made an alibi that he was working for a company, so the price was different compared to other drivers.

The tourist tried to bargain the price to P100, but the tricycle driver insisted on paying him P550.

In the end, the tourist was forced to pay P550.

As of writing, the Manila City LGU has yet to give a statement for the overpricing committed by the driver.

Netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment to the netizens and were disgraced by what their countryman did.