‘Worst Vacation’ Boracay tourist complains after being charged by P10,000 for their seafood meal


A Filipina vacationing with her foreign boyfriend in Boracay couldn’t hide her disappointment after being charged P10,257 for the seafood they ordered.

In a Facebook post, the tourist said they ordered several kinds of seafood at ‘D’Talipapa’ a famous market in Boracay where fresh different kinds of seafood were being sold.

She said they ordered lobster, squid, sea urchins, crabs, rice, and drinks. They also paid the restaurant to cook the kinds of seafood for them.

They were surprised when the bill arrived, believing the restaurant overcharged them.

“Posting this to make people aware that people who offer food in Bora should be careful. This is the worst vacation because it’s only our first day and this is our bill for just one meal,” the netizen said.

Malay, Aklan Sangguniang Bayan Member Alan Parma Sr. stated that while he respected the opinion made by the tourist, he believed that the problem might have been prevented if the latter only asked the restaurant for its pricing before ordering.

He suggested that tourists should research carefully before buying or eating at any establishments in Boracay so they could plan based on their budget.

Palma said that he was worried that the post of the tourist would leave a wrong impression on the tourism industry of Boracay.

It can be recalled in 2022, Panglao, Bohol went viral on social media after a group of tourists visiting one of its famous tourist spots, the Virgin Islands, complained about the overcharging they experienced when they ordered several seafood dishes.

As a result, Panglao LGU banned the seafood selling in the Virgin Islands.