Pag-amin ni Jim Paredes na ‘fan’ siya ni Maria Ozawa, pinag-usapan muli ng netizens


Japanese Actress Maria Ozawa has a surprising fan on Instagram.

On her Instagram post, Ozawa who’s now residing in the Philippines posted in a luxury car with a plate number “8” during her visit at Agawan Festival in Saraiya, Quezon Province.

Photo: Screenshot by Mark Lopez on Maria Ozawa’s Instagram post

Later on, one of her fans, Jim Paredes, who’s a former member of the legendary band Apo Hiking Society couldn’t stop himself from asking the owner of the luxury car.

The curious Paredes, who admitted that he’s an avid follower of the Japanese actress, asked the latter, “which congressman car is that?”

Ozawa quickly answered Paredes, and she said that the car was own by Congressman Vicente Alcala of Quezon City (2nd District)

“Sir Alcala do you know him na?” Ozawa told Paredes

Paredes didn’t respond to Ozawa anymore for unknown reasons.

The short discussion between Maria Ozawa and Jim Paredes. Photo: Screenshot by Mark Lopez

However, several netizens speculated that Paredes made the question to get something that he could use against the government.

Netizen Mark Lopez, who’s browsing on Instagram, was one of the first Pro-Duterte bloggers who noticed the short social media discussion between Ozawa and Paredes.

He labeled Paredes “Pabibo” for his curiosity about the identity of the luxury car owner.

Lopez also shared that Congressman Alcala is the brother of the controversial former Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Liberal Party member Proceso Alcala.

Paredes is also a solid supporter of the Liberal Party.

Later on, another pro-Duterte blogger, Krizette Laureta Chu, shared her thoughts about the question of Paredes.

“LOL. Jim Paredes is suddenly rendered speechless. Nagtatanong pa kasi, eh yung mahilig lang naman sa gaudy display of wealth ang mga Congressmen na kaalyado ninyo ano.” Chu said in her post.

Several netizens, mostly supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte, couldn’t stop laughing at the discussion.

Paredes is a known critic of President Rodrigo Duterte and became infamous before when he confronted a group of Pro-government youth who expressed their support to the current administration.

This post was originally published in 2018.