‘Alfamart Girl’ na sumikat dahil sa angking ganda nito, ipinakita na ang kanyang buong itsura


An Alfamart staff went viral recently on social media after she was recently photographed by a customer who noticed her beautiful face.

The face of the unnamed staff went viral after being featured on several social media pages that praised the beauty of her eyes.

She was wearing a face mask during that time so many netizens became curious about her whole appearance.

The original post gained thousands of shares and likes on social media and some netizens couldn’t stop themselves from trying to locate the said convenience store branch.

Several days after becoming viral on social media, Alfamart Girl finally showed her face to the netizens.

Netizens who thought that she was not good-looking without her mask have been proven wrong because her latest photos showed that she’s indeed beautiful.

The photos has been posted by @assorted_content.

Meanwhile, new admirers of Alfamart girl are waiting for her if she’s planning to become an internet celebrity.

It can be recalled that many influencers started their career after becoming viral.

One example was ‘Badjao Girl’ who went viral in 2016 after she was photographed begging with her brother during a festival.