‘Hindi ko siya inagaw!’ Boy Tapang introduces new woman of his life


After his well-publicized breakup with LJ Satterfield in 2023, Ronnie Suan, also known as ‘Boy Tapang’ introduced the new woman of his life.

In his social media post, Ronnie declared his relationship with Cherry White, who’s a known online seller and influencer.

According to him, he only met Cherry while collaborating on a project when his feelings developed for the popular influencer.

He admitted that he initially planned to keep his relationship with Cherry private, but couldn’t do anything now after photos of them having sweet moments during his birthday celebration surfaced on social media.

It can be recalled that Ronnie’s relationship with LJ, who’s a Filipino-American model and singer went viral and even featured on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

However, their relationship fell apart after LJ insisted that her relationship with Ronnie was only mere theatrical and only for content.

“As content creators, this is a normal thing. At alam ng mga creators ya. Pero ikaw nag-guide sakin dahil wala akong alam sa pagyou-youtube. I trusted you. And you trusted me too. Pero bat napunta dito? Dahil din sayo. Alam mong palagi kitang pinagtatapan kahit palagi tayong nag away sinasabi ko parin mabait ka.. dahil ayokong sirain ka.” she said.

Ronnie then admitted that he had already fallen for the beauty of LJ.