Patama kay Sarah? Annabelle Rama, ibinahagi ang pagiging masaya ni Zion at Kai sa piling ni Richard Gutierrez


Talent manager Annabelle Rama went viral again on social media after she posted a photo taken during the quality time between her son, Richard Gutierrez, and grandchildren, Zion and Kai.

Through her Instagram post, Annabelle highlighted how happy Zion and Kai were with their father, who was just rumored to be separated from Sarah Lahbati.

Some netizens even speculated that Annabelle’s message hinted at a possible custody battle between Richard and Sarah.

“Nakita nyu naman enjoy na enjoy mga bata with Richard. Tuwang tuwa si Zion at Kai, happing happi, kitang kita nyu na yan, hindi ko na kailangan sabihin,” she said.

It can be recalled that Annabelle and Richard were supposed to travel with Kai and Zion last holiday season, but suddenly, the two children spent Christmas with Sarah and her family.

Annabelle’s rumored visit to PDEA also hinted that she might be holding something against Sarah that may possibly lose her right to take her children.