Kathryn Bernardo, tinapos na ang isyu tungkol sa kanila ni Daniel Padilla: “We decided to part ways”


Kathryn Bernardo finally confirmed the rumors surrounding her for the past few weeks after she admitted that her relationship with Daniel Padilla had ended.

Through her Instagram post, Kathryn wrote an open letter to address her fans and narrated how she willingly became a love team and, later on, a partner of Daniel’s.

“Chapter closed. I hope this finally helps all of us to move forward. I won’t be entertaining questions regarding this anymore. Thank you for understanding,” Kathryn wrote.

“I want you to hear it straight from me: It’s true that Deej and I have decided to part ways,” she also said.

Kathryn was all praise to her former boyfriend, who became her partner for 11 years, and tried to even continue fighting for their relationship, but she realized that it was really over for them.

“Like any other relationships, we tried our best to make it work. We’ve been drifting apart for a while now, and ultimately had to accept that we can’t go back where we used to be. It just won’t be fair to pretend that everything is still the same,” she said.

“These past few months have been tough, but thank you for giving us the time we need to process the pain and finally face the elephant in the room. Our love story began with respect and ended with respect,” she added.

Millions of netizens couldn’t hide their sadness after Kathryn’s confirmation, but relieved at the same time as the two already admitted their problems.