Kazel Kinouchi answers netizen who asks her about her rumored relationship with Richard Gutierrez


Richard Gutierrez was spotted with Kapuso actress Kazel Kinouchi amid the rumors of separation between the actor and his partner Sarah Lahbati.

A video uploaded by a gossip vlog, showed Richard with his children while staying at the back of a pickup truck while Kaiziel was trying to greet bystanders.

The reason why they were together was not yet known, but many netizens already speculated that there’s a special bond between Kaiziel and Richard since the actor even brought his children with Sarah.

Meanwhile, several netizens couldn’t stop themselves from asking Kaiziel herself about her real relationship with Richard.

However, Kaiziel quickly denied the rumors and told the netizens to ‘get a life’ for linking her to Richard.

It can be recalled that netizens already noticed that Richard and Sarah were not being spotted together even on their social media posts, sparking rumors that they were not together anymore.

Several entertainment journalists also talked about the crack in the bond between Richard and Sarah.

However, the celebrity couple have yet to confirm any of the rumors.