UK-based vlogger na si Dale Philip, binatikos ang mga Pilipino na ginagawang opisina ang Starbucks


United Kingdom-based travel vlogger Dale Philip couldn’t hide his culture shock during his visit to the Philippines after he saw how Filipinos were treating coffee shops in the country.

In his vlog, he was surprised when he saw that Starbucks, one of the most popular coffee shops in the country, was full of visitors who were doing their job at the establishment.

According to him, some customers were just buying one coffee and staying there for hours because of the free wifi and electricity being offered by the establishment.

“Look at all these guys with their laptops just sitting, using it as their personal office. I would hate that,” said Philip.

“I would hate to have a business where people just come and use it as their personal office, use your WiFi and electricity, and buy like one coffee,” he added.

Dale said it he do not understand why some people prefer to work at coffee shops if they could do it in the comfort of their homes.

“Just sit in your house, just sit in your condo, just sit in your hotel room and do your work…I don’t understand this whole concept,” he stated.

As of writing, Starbucks Philippines has yet to release a response to Dale’s complaint.