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Netizens share theory that popular mobile game ‘Bondee’ is created by the devil


Mobile Game ‘Bondee’ received wide popularity in the Philippines, currently being the number one most downloaded social networking and mobile game on Playstore and App Store.

The said game featured avatars and rooms that can be designed by users.

Users can also chat with their friends and be part of virtual activities like dancing and camping.

However, some netizens cautioned the public and shared a theory that the said application was created by the ‘Devil’ to influence the youth.

One of the popular theories has been shared by netizens on social media platforms.

bondee 4
Photo from Bondee’s website.

They even posted a computation to prove that the said game was associated with the number ‘666’.

Some also said that ‘Bondee’ means ‘Bonding with the Devil’.

Here’s the theory:

“Ang bondee ay isang larong sikat ngayon sa social media dahil pwede ka ritong magcustomize ng kwarto o mga characters. Nilalaro ito ngayon ng mga kabataan ngunit hindi nila alam na gawa ito sa masama.” the theory reads.

“Now pumunta naman tayo sa pangalan ng app bond = bonding dee = deevil bond + deevil = bonding with the devil,” it added.

“Kaya mga MOMMIES pakibantayan ang mga anak niyo na wag laruin ang laro na ito,”

bondee 2
Screencap from FB

The theory received mixed reactions from the netizens.

Bondee was made by Metadream, a Singaporean Company.

Meanwhile, Metadream also answered the allegations that their game was trying to take the private data of their users including credit card information.

“It has come to our attention that there are rumors circulating on various social media platforms alleging that the credit card information of Bondee users had been leaked through their use of the Bondee platform. We would like to assure our users that such rumors are false and untrue, as Metadream does not currently collect users’ credit card information or any other financial information.” the company said.

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