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Actress Agot Isidro sets the record straight: “Wala akong galit sa puso”


Actress Agot Isidro made it clear to her critics that she was not ‘bitter’ like they were accusing her.

In a tweet, Agot replied to one of the netizens who wished that she would remove all the hatred in her heart amid her comments against the government.

It can be remembered that Agot took a swipe against the international trips by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

“God bless you po @agot_isidro sana po mawala na ‘yung galit sa puso nyo po,” netizen @princebasil555 said.

agot tweet 2
Photo from @agot_isidro/Twitter

Agot responded to the netizen and said that she was old enough to easily move on.

She also showed a photo of her backyard to show that she was living a peaceful life.

“Hindi mo ako kilala. Matanda na ako, natutunan ko na ang pag-let go at pag-move on. Kasama yan sa pag ma-mature. Wala akong galit sa puso. Payapa ang mundo ko. Tignan mo na lang ang paligid ko.” Agot said.

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Photo from @agot_isidro/Twitter


Agot is known for sharing her opinions on different issues online.

She supported the candidacy of former Vice President Leni Robredo but the latter lost against PBBM.

“Know that I will always care for you, love and fight for you. But you have to figure out what’s good for you. For now, I will care, love and fight for me and my loved ones. I will quietly do the work for causes I believe in,” Agot said after knowing the result of the election.

“Hoping you’ll learn from decisions you’ve made,” she added.

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