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Motivational speaker Rendon Labador responds to Mommy Pinty: “Tumatanda po tayong paurong”


Motivational speaker and internet celebrity Rendon Labador responded to the camp of Alex Gonzaga amid the criticisms being received by the actress from the netizens.

This year might be the most unforgettable birthday for Alex as she received a tremendous amount of criticism on social media after she was seen smearing her cake to the waiter carrying it.

Netizens believed that Alex disrespected the waiter who was only working for the said party during that time.

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However, Pinty Gonzaga, the mother of Alex explained their side to the public with the help of their publicist Peter Ledesma, saying that the waiter ‘Allan’ was a close friend of their family.

“Itong si Allan ay laging kabiruan na Mommy Pinty and Alex at ito ang parating nagse-serve sa kanila. Kaya tuwing nagkikita ay binabati agad ni Allan ang mag-mommy, magiliw ito sa kanila.” Ledesma said.

“Hindi naman magagawa ni Alex, ang magbiro at magpunas ng cake, kung hi sila magkakilala ng said waiter, na sanay na sa pagiging mapagbiro at kikay ni Alex. This is the side of Mommy Pinty na higit na nakakaalam ng istorya ng anak.” he added.

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However, Rendon who’s known for giving his reaction on different trending issues didn’t buy the explanation of Mommy Pinty and even accused the latter of tolerating the actions of her daughter.

“Huwag po tayong t*nga mommy [Pinty]. Tumatanda po tayong paurong,” the motivational speaker said.

“Paano maitatama ang mali kung ang puno ay mali? Kayong mga magulang ang tunay na dahilan kung bakit ganyan ang pag uugali ng mga anak ninyo!” he also said.

As of writing, Alex has yet to give any comment about the criticisms she was receiving.

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