Raffy Tulfo, not happy with the treatment receive by flight attendants for bringing onions: “Ang kakapal ng mukha niyo”

Senator Raffy Tulfo criticized the Bureau of Customs for confiscating the onions brought by 10 crew members of Philippine Airlines last January 10.

During the senate hearing on market prices of onions, Tulfo called the BOC officials thick-skinned for the treatment they showed towards the crew members of PAL who only wanted to bring onions and other vegetables to their families.

The crew members decided to buy onions during their stay in Dubai because the said vegetable there were much cheaper compared to their prices in the Philippines which costs 400-700 pesos per kilo.

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It can be remembered that the authorities confiscated 27 kilos of onions, 10.5kg of lemons, and 1 kg of blueberries and strawberries from the PAL crew members because they allegedly didn’t declare it to customs.

Because of what happened, PAL was planning to give appropriate disciplinary actions against their crew for what they did.

BOC said that people bringing onions to the country should get a proper permit from the authorities.

They even claimed that no one was exempted from the law of the Philippines.

However, Tulfo didn’t buy the explanation of the BOC saying that they’re only targeting small people and not the big-time smugglers.

“Ang kakapal ng mukha ninyo. Pinahiya ninyo pa ‘tong mga airline crew. Pampasalubong lang sana sa pamilya,” Tulfo said.

According to him, the identity of the alleged big-time smugglers was already known to the public but BOC has yet to catch them.

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