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Ilang netizens nagtampo kay Manny Pinol matapos aluking tulungan si Hidilyn Diaz sa kanyang farm


Former Agriculture Sec. and senatorial candidate Manny Pinol happily shared his discussion with Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz who asked him about banana seeds.

Hidilyn wanted to plant Golden Mondo Saba and also try to farm onions which are considered expensive right now.

During their discussion, Pinol offered assistance to Hidilyn in developing her farm in Jalajala, Rizal.

According to Pinol, he wanted to help Hidilyn because the athlete could effectively help to promote agriculture.

“I promised her that I and my friends would be willing to help in developing her farm. We could first conduct crop suitability tests, soil analysis and then recommend what crops would be ideal in her farm. The reason why I am very much interested in helping Hidilyn develop her farm is because I really believe that Agriculture needs champions who have great influence on others.” Pinol said.

Pinol also said that they’re not asking for payment to help the influencers who wanted to start farming.

“HIdilyn and popular personalities like her would serve as great promoters of self-sustaining agriculture which is what our country actually needs now.
Right now, I have a team ready to assist popular influencers in developing their farms with very affordable fees – Kapeng Barako at nilagang Golden Mondo Saba, ayos na.” he said.

However, some netizens expressed jealousy because Pinol only offered his assistance to famous people like Hidilyn.

“Sana all para lng sa mga sikat…kaming mahihirap at mangbubukid humihingi ng binhi like bamboo ayaw bigyan,” netizen Yaj T. Ertsevliv said.

“Why the offer for influencers only?” netizen Frances Picart commented.

“Marami akong mga queries at praises sa mga idea mo pero ni minsan di nyo po ako sinasagot.” netizen Dandee Lequin remarked.

Pinol defended himself from the criticisms, saying that he cannot help everybody because of limited resources.

“May mga nagtatampo na ang tinutulongan ko daw yon lang sikat. e kasi farming advocate ako and I promote agriculture so kailangan natin ng mga tinatawag na influencers. actually, mas marami sana tayong maitutulong kung nanalo tayo last election pero pinili ng marami sa inyo yong may mga pangalan at sikat. hindi naman ako nagtampo. tuloy lang ang advocacy.” he said.

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Photo from Manny Pinol

In another post, Pinol also took swipe to people who wanted something for free even if they could afford it.

“Paano aasenso mga Pilipino? Kaya bumili ng iPhone Pro Max P100k. Pero hbinhi ng Saging na P30 Gusto Libre! Kawawa ang farmer,” he wrote.

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