Former colleague of Alex Gonzaga narrates how bad is the attitude of the actress: “Masama talaga ang ugali ng babaeng ito!”

The celebration of Alex Gonzaga turned into a nightmare after a video of her smearing a cake on one of the waiters they hired has gone viral on social media.

Because of the issue, stories surrounding the real attitude of the actress circulated again on social media.

One of the netizens who shared their experience with Alex was stage manager John Mark Yap who worked with Alex in 2016.

According to him, Alex was already infamous among the crew because of her attitude like being always late.

“As someone who has worked directly with this woman for her first film as a lead, I can personally say na masama talaga ugali ng babaeng ito!” Yap said.

“She was just nice to me kasi mataas posisyon ko sa pelikula.” he added.

Photo from John Mark Yap


He also shared that actor Red Atadero also experienced bad treatment from Alex during the filming of the said movie.

“She was even very rude to @rebranger who did a small role in that film when they were at the tent! I’ll let Reb tell that story but I swear, masama talaga ugali niya and everyone on set saw/experienced it.” he shared.

“Ang bastos talaga ng ginawa niya kay kuya,” he added.

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It can be remembered that many showbiz personalities including Cristy Fermin who also worked with Alex said something bad about the attitude of the actress.

Cristy called Alex ‘simang’ for not smiling behind the camera.

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