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Ang rupok! Jorryme Lorono can’t wait to see her husband Ales Vodisek again: “Why so gwapo”


Slovenian national Ales Vodisek and his wife Jorryme Lorono shared their conversation, several months after their well-publicized relationship issue that reached even national television.

In their videos, it can be seen that Ales who’s currently out of the country was already talking again to Jorryme online.

They also approached 2023 together, saying goodbye to the year that almost broke their relationship.

In his message, Ales also greeted the ‘Marites’ or the rumormongers, wishing them a better life.

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“Thank you guys for watching us all year and supporting us. We love you all,” Ales said.

Ales also called Jorryme as his ‘number one marites’.

In another video, Jorryme also hoped to see Ales again.

“Thank you for making bawi and for making me happy,” Jorryme said.

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It can be remembered that the story of Ales and Jorryme became one of the most discussed topics of 2022 because of their whirlwind relationship.

The story started when Jorryme posted a message against Ales’ Filipina best friend Shaira Mae Boyonas accusing the latter of cheating.

Shaira Mae and Ales denied the accusation and the Slovenian told Jorryme to seek professional help and ‘take medication’.

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The story reached the magazine show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho where Jorryme found that Ales already left their apartment.

Several weeks after the issue, Jorryme stated that she already accepted the end of their relationship.

Even Ales who left the Philippines amid the issue said that he was planning already to file a divorce against Jorryme.

“My ex-wife is doing what she want to do and it’s good for her to go further with her life we don’t talk anymore because it’s no point of talking and this is the best way to do it. We are not meant to be together,” he said.

However, netizens who were following Jorryme became surprised after the sudden reconciliation between her and Ales.




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