Deniece Cornejo may reaksyon sa pagbabalik ni Vhong Navarro sa It’s Showtime: #RhymesWithWrong

Deniece Cornejo made a comment about Vhong Navarro’s return to the noontime show It’s Showtime.

In her Facebook post, Deniece shared the post of the noontime show’s page asking the netizens to guess who was returning to their show.

The model had a short but very intriguing reply, saying that the one was returning to the show was #RhymesWithWrong.

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Photo from Deniece Cornejo/FB

#RhymesWithWrong a discussion started by former VJ Kat Alano became a trending topic several times because that was the alias of the man who allegedly did something bad to her in the past.

Many netizens already speculated that #RhymesWithWrong was associated with the comedian who was facing several accusations from several ladies.

History of #RyhmesWithWrong

Kat claimed in an interview that a ‘famous celebrity’ victimized her in 2005 despite wearing decent clothes.

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Radio host DJ Mo who was interviewing Kat during that time gave a little clue, saying that the name of the said celebrity rhymes with the word ‘wrong’ and became the origin of #RhymesWithWrong.

In 2020, the said hashtag became viral on social media during the #HijaAko movement.

Kat revealed during that year that #RhymesWithWrong is a famous celebrity with powerful connections and family members.

She even said that the celebrity’s uncle was a former right-hand of the president.

In 2022, Kat and the said celebrity became viral again on social media amid the revival of the case filed by Deniece against Vhong Navarro, reviving the speculations that #RhymesWithWrong is Vhong.

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However, until today Kat never exactly named the said celebrity, but she was seen posting several messages when people started to talk again about Vhong and his case.

When the court gave permission to Vhong to post bail, Kat also made a tweet saying that she was ‘broken’ and ‘defeated’.

Deniece indirectly calling Vhong as #RhymesWithWrong maybe another clue about the identity of the said celebrity.



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