Rider’s lounge na ginawang tambayan ng mga hindi rider, agad na nilinis ng mall management

Rider’s lounge was placed in some malls in the country to cater to the growing number of food delivery riders.

Establishments put tables, charging ports, and even free wifi to the said lounges to give the delivery riders a place to relax while waiting for their orders.

However, as the situation of the country slowly went back to normal the said lounge was not being used not by the riders anymore because it was sometimes already occupied by mallgoers.

The discussion about rider’s welfare suddenly became trending on social media after a photo taken in a mall in Sta. Rosa Laguna showing several people occupying the space meant for delivery riders has gone viral.

The photo showed that while the mallgoers were fully relaxed, charging their phones and laptops and enjoying the free internet, an unfortunate rider can be seen beside the rider’s lounge, standing up.

Netizens couldn’t help themselves but to call out the mall for allowing the mallgoers to occupy the rider’s lounge.

“Parang may mali SM Supermalls, Bakit yung rider ang nakatayo? Bakit pinapayagan nyo ang ganyan? Tanggalin nyo na lang yan, aabusuhin lang ng mga walang modo at bwiset yan. Tignan nyo nga yung isa, mukha namang may pera pambili sa starbucks, pero bakit nandyan?” netizen Jeffrey Imutan said.

“Si kuyang Grab rider na ang nag-adjust,” netizen Vin Reason commented.

After the incident, the management of the mall quickly took action and informed their mallgoers that they’re not allowed to use the rider’s lounge.

Delivery riders thanked the mall for their fast response.


“Wag na po kayo mag alala malinis na po! Pede na po tumambay mga kapatid natin na Riders,” motovlogger Food3p MOTO said.

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