PBBM, sinisi ng ilang pageant fans sa pagkatalo ni Celeste Cortesi: “Wala ka nang ginawang matino sa bansa”

Some netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment after a candidate from the Philippines for the Miss Universe pageant fail to enter the top 16 of the competition.

Pageant fans called the outcome of the Philippines to the prestigious pageant the ‘worst’ since 2010.

celeste 3
Photo from Miss Universe.

Netizens didn’t even know who to blame for the poor performance of the country on Miss Universe and some of them even blamed the government for what happened.

In a tweet, netizen @scorsaguin blamed President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for breaking the top 16 streak of the Philippines.

“t***** mo talaga wala ka nang ginawang matino sa bansang to @bongbongmarcos,” the netizen said.

bbm miss universe
Phorto from @scorsaguin

Some pageant fans also responded to the netizen’s rant.

“We should create a hashtag for that please. #BongBongMalas,” netizen @yank_rancy said.

“Lahat nalang talaga malas Kay bongbong Marcos,” netizen Paches commented.

“Hahahaha you guys can’t take a joke. Remember the memes during Duterte Presidency when Digong was praised for the win of Catriona Gray? This is the anti-thesis to that.” netizen @alcagmat remarked.

However, not all netizens didn’t agree with @scorsaguin’s tweet even if they’re also a critic of the government.

“I much as I hate our current administration let us be real here. The reason why our MU representative didn’t make it to the 16th cut is not because of our President but it’s because she failed to make it for whatever reason.” netizen @gboumy said.


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