‘Crab mentality!’ Filipino nurse in Canada receive complaints for underestimating the skills of nurses working in the Philippines

A Filipino nurse in Canada has been receiving criticism again on social media after her statement belittling the skills of nurses who studied in the Philippines had gone viral.

The issue started when a nursing school in the said country released a promotional video where a Filipino nurse identified as ‘Jackie can be seen comparing the skills of the nurses registered in the Philippines to the nurses who studied and registered in Canada.

Nurse Jackie claimed that Filipino nurses in the Philippines rarely talked to their patients, colleagues, and doctors.

Aside from that, she also said that working as a nurse in the Philippines forced them to change departments very often which prevented them to have specialization unlike in Canada.

She also said that in the Philippines, nurses were not even making efforts to talk to their patients and explain what they were doing to them.

“In Canada, you cannot do that, you need to ask for consent, you will have to assess and if you believe that the IV session don’t have any benefit to the patient, you can question your doctor,” Jackie said.

The statements of Jackie received a tremendous amount of criticism from nurses all over the world, insisting that the testimonies of Jackie were misleading.

“Jackie, in the end of the day and in the eyes of your Canadian patients; YOU ARE A FILIPINO NURSE! That was probably how YOU practised in the Philippines. Don’t generalise it to the entire Filipino nurses. For sure, i would not trust you to be my nurse or preceptor in Canada because of your condescending attitude. Nursing is not all about Knowledge & Skills; its also about ATTITUDE!!!” netizen Fai Fernandez said.

“Nurse Jackie, I don’t know what type of crappy nursing school you went to in the Philippines, but where I trained, we were taught to assess patients, to chart properly, to collaborate with other health professionals and to advocate for our patients. My training and experience were good enough to be able to challenge the Canadian board exam and work and practice as an RN in 3 Canadian provinces. I didn’t have to take a refresher at any so called college that you’re currently promoting,” netizen Al May commented.

Meanwhile, Jackie released a 1-minute apology video explaining her side to the public.

She insisted that what she said was based on her experience working in the Philippines as a nurse.

Jackie also decided to severe her ties with the said school.

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