Boodle feast in Bacolod’s Lechon Festival turns into ‘balot feast’ after participants suddenly take out the food

A boodle feast during the Lechon Festival in Bacolod City turned into confusion because of some participants.

Boodle feast also known as ‘Kamayan’ or ‘Kinamot’ in Visayas symbolizes the unity of Filipinos during celebrations, but what happened during an event in Bacolod disappoints the public because the participants didn’t show respect for the tradition.

The feast held annually in Barangay Cabug has gone viral this year because of the actions of some of its residents.

lechon festival 1

In a video, it can be seen that after the countdown the participants of the feast suddenly grabbed every food they can and carried it away.

Some even brought some containers to enjoy the food at home instead of following the tradition of Kinamot by eating together.

The unfortunate residents who didn’t leave the table feasted on the leftovers of the participants who took most of their food.

Some didn’t even enjoy the Lechon because most of it was already taken out.

lechon festival 4

The video received mixed reactions from the netizens, but most of them express sadness over the actions of the participants.

“Nd nmn budol ung ginawa nung isa kinuha lahat ng lechon sabay alis….panget kasama sa boodle ung ganyan,” netizen Gerald Soberano said.

“Something is wrong, nawala na ang concept ng boodle feast, dapat kumain sila ng sabay sabay, hindi balot sabay sabay,” netizen Khlley Vlogadag commented.

“So shameful, not a good scene to watch at all. They were not eating, there was no fellowship around the table, people carried plastic bags to take home the food.” netizen Art Ty Kho remarked.

Barangay Cabug has yet to give any statement about the incident.

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