Toni Gonzaga’s concert producer denies giving away free tickets: “Wala ng libre sa panahon ngayon”

The producer of Toni Gonzaga’s 20th-anniversary concert denied some speculations about the said event.

In his statement, producer Joed Serrano said that 55% of the tickets for the concert were already sold while 20% were bought by some private companies to express their support to Toni.

He also confirmed that Toni’s mother, Mommy Pinty Gonzaga bought tickets for the concert of her daughter.

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However, he denied that they’re giving away free tickets for the concert, saying that there’s nothing free nowadays.

“Mommy Pinty paid 350 tickets for her friends, relatives and churchmates who ordered from her.” Serrano shared.

“These tickets are paid. Wala ng libre sa panahon ngayon except pag kapamilya mo ang manonood. Iba ang concert sa pulitika at pelikula,” he added.

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He also announced that people still had a chance to get tickets for Toni’s concert.

“You can still buy your tickets & get a chance to watch this very controversial concert. It’s a celebration of 20 years in showbusiness & the birthday of our dearest Toni Gonzaga. Let us all unite & be positive in life. Move on & be kind to all. Let us all give ourselves a chance to be good in this world.” the producer stated.

“Smile, wag nega sa buhay. Kung wala kang sasabihing di maganda sa kapwa mo , then might as well be quiet kesa magkasala ka pa at mattress.” he added.

The concert was set to happen on January 20, 2023 and some critics already predicted that it’s not going to be popular.

It can be remembered that Toni’s movie ‘My Teacher’ is also one of the lowest earning entries of the current MMFF.

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