Driver almost walks out after passenger forcefully enter his bus despite being full already

A netizen shared a funny story about the driver of the bus that she boarded on January 11, 2023.

The post of netizen Bea Bermal quickly went viral on social media after she encountered a different kind of bus driver who really don’t like his vehicle being flooded by passengers.

According to her, the bus driver couldn’t enter the bus anymore because passengers kept entering his vehicle despite the lack of seats available.

It can also be seen in the photo posted by Bermal that the passengers can be compared already to canned sardines for being too compressed inside the bus.

She even shared some of the lines she heard from the driver telling the passengers that he would not drive for them if they kept entering his bus.

“Sige ayaw nyong bumaba? Ako ang bababa. Sige ayaw nyo bahala kayo. Kayo na magpatakbo niyan,” the driver said according to Bermal.

The driver even noticed that his seat was almost occupied already because of the volume of passengers.

The post received 92,000 shares as of writing.

While netizens were laughing at the story, some were also saddened by the lack of discipline of some commuters.

Some even reminded the passengers to be careful and think about social distancing.

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