Ogie Diaz hindi ikinatuwa ang pagtaas ng presyo ng ‘itlog’ sa Pilipinas: “Kaya pa ba?”

Ogie Diaz couldn’t hide his disappointment after being informed that the price of eggs in the country was increasing.

In his tweet, Ogie expressed dismay that after onions, eggs are now the next basic food that might suffer from the price increase.

“Pagkatapos ng sibuyas, itlog naman, nagkakaubusan at akyat presyo din. Kaya pa ba?” Ogie said.

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Photo from @ogiediaz/Twitter

Some netizens also shared their disappointment over what’s happening to the agriculture sector of the country.

“Pati asin, bawang at malamang mantika narin. Yong DA secretary incompetent..ay presidente rin pala yon.” netizen @BIENsays commented.

“Imported eggs din ba direction nila? Kaya pati mga nangingitlog na manok biglang mga baog na? Now i am cinvinced malaki kikitain nila if goods comes from other countries. Nakakaiyak, hndi na carry ogie,” netizen @jollydette wrote.

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According to some reports, the price of eggs has increased from 7 – 8 pesos per piece to 9 or 10 per piece.

The Department of Agriculture headed by the President itself explained that the price increase was a result of the bird flu in Central Luzon.

They estimated that people need to wait for at least five months before the price of eggs normalizes again.

Meanwhile, the price of onions is now slowly decreasing amid the decision of the government to import the said vegetable from other countries.

However, some critics questioned the timing of the importation, saying that the harvest season of local onions was coming already.

DA gave onion importers until January 27 to send their goods to the country while the harvest season was expected to happen around February until April.


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