Jay Sonza, pinuna si Miss Universe Philippines Celeste Cortesi: National costume na pala ang damit ni Darna

While most of the netizens were praising the ‘Darna’ national costume of Miss Universe Philippines Celesti Cortesi, some also couldn’t stop themselves from questioning the decision of the beauty queen.

Cortesi has gone viral on social media because of her entry for the Miss Universe pageant’s national costume competition held in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 12, 2023.

The costume of Cortesi even gained the attention of the people behind ABS-CBN’s series Darna.

costume 2

“We are proud of Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi for championing Darna on the world stage through the 71st Miss Universe national costume competition.” the statement reads.

“The Ravelo family extends their full support, gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to show Darna to a global audience throughout country’s official Miss Universe representative,” it added.

costume 1
Photo from @abscbnpr/IG

However, veteran journalist Jay Sonza sarcastically questioned if the revealing dress of the fictional character is now considered as ‘national costume’.

“Parang hindi yata ako na-inform na ‘national costume’ na ang salawal, salong-dibdib at korona ni Darna. Pilipinas, Mabuhay!” the journalist said.

Some of Sonza’s followers agreed with what the veteran journalist said.

“Sorry pero parang sampal naman satin yan, national costume is yung ipagmamalaki mo na gawang Pinoy, yung pwedeng mamangha ang foreign and who knows sa future bumili pa sila hindi ba. Pero Darna?, is that the best they can showcase as our national costume?” netzien Ro Nie commented.

“They’re confusing Cosplay with costume,” netizen Francis Carandang said.

Other netizens defended Cortesi from the journalist, saying that Darna is already part of Filipino culture.

“Part sya sir ng pop culture of a modern Filipina, aminin natin Darna is the embodiment of power, strength and beauty of a filipina – i think okay lang, nasa kultura na rin naman natin si Darna,” netizen Michael Dela Cruz remarked.

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