Singer na si Lukas Samuel, napansin na noon pa ang ugali ni Mr. Pogi German: “He only cares about himself and getting more views”

A PH-based german singer gave his reaction after Marcel Messall also known as ‘Mr. Pogi German’ has been put under the custody of the authorities for luring a minor to be part of his content.

Messal has gone viral several times on social media because of his content about ‘pickup girls’ that he was helping.

However, his journey as a vlogger in the Philippines ended after his victim filed a complaint against the German national for introducing her to his thousands of followers as a pickup girl despite the fact that she was not.

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Singer Lukas Samuel of the band MOLA BLUE, shared his bad experience after inviting Messall to one of their gigs.

To show to a fellow German, Samuel decided to invite Messall to their gig, but he immediately regret it after he personally witnessed the attitude of the vlogger.

“I actually invited him last year to one of my band gigs just to connect to a fellow German. And he actually came. I didn’t really know back then what he’s like and I regret inviting him.” the singer said.

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“That night he was really trying hard to draw all the attention to him and attempting his cringe poverty p*** games to the concert goers. Many were weirded out from what I could tell including me.” he added.

Samuel believed that Messall only wanted to gain fame on the internet in any way without thinking of the possible consequences.

“That whole poverty p*** bs…. I don’t get it… Its just really about him and wanting to show ‘how good he is’. I can tell He only cares about himself and getting more views pretending to be some kind of a good Samaritan.” the band singer said.

He also apologized to the Filipinos and asked them not to think that all Germans are like Messall.

“As a German living in the Philippines I feel second hand ashamed and misrepresented about his content and about his actions. Please don’t think that all Germans are like this guy. He’s just really a bad example with alot of reach.” Samuel remarked.

Samuel was hoping Messall to be deported out of the country as soon as possible.

Some fans of Messall also expressed regret for what happened to the vlogger, saying that the German national was really a helpful man during his beginnings as a content creator.


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