Seaman na pauwi ng Pilipinas, nag-empake ng mga sibuyas bilang pasalubong sa kanyang pamilya

The price of onions in the country was continuously getting expensive, being more costlier than meat and fish.

While the government was doing something to control the prices, like dictating the price to P250 and ordering the importation of onions amid the harvest season, it seems that Filipinos still need to wait longer before the said basic ingredient become affordable again.

Meanwhile, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) has gone viral on social media after he showed the onions he wanted to bring back to the Philippines so his family.

In his Facebook post, seaman Jonelito Razona showed the photos of onions he was putting in his luggage before traveling to the Philippines.

“Maiwan man ang mga chocolate at gamit ko wag lang itong sibuyas,” Razona wrote.

While he was not really meant to bring back the said vegetables to the country because of restrictions, Razona wanted to prove a point by saying that chocolates in the Philippines were cheaper than onions.

He said that some brand of chocolates in the Philippines only costs around P150 or cheaper while onions cost hundreds of pesos per kilo.

“Ang presyo ng tsokolate sa Pilipinas ay nagkakahalaga ng $3 o P150, if i-compare mo sa presyo ng sibuyas na halos times 7,” the OFW explained.


The price of onions in some markets in the country already reached 600-700 pesos per kilo.

He was hoping that the price of onions in the Philippines will become affordable again in the future because it’s a basic ingredient for most Filipino dishes.


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