Palawan councilor, inalala si Gina Lopez matapos maranasan ang pagbaha sa kanilang lugar: “Hindi siya nagkamali”

A councilor from Palawan remembered the late Department of Environment and National Resources (DENR) Gina Lopez after personally witnessing the effects of flood in his place.

In a Facebook post, Brooke’s Point councilor Elgin Robert Damasco shared a quote from Lopez who’s known for her advocacy to protect the environment.

In the said quote, Lopez criticized the government officials who were favoring mining operations in the country.

“When you make decisions based on business interests, you have shirked your responsibility. You have lost the moral ascendancy to rule the government because, to you, business and money are more important than the welfare of our people,” Lopez said.

Damasco realized that the flood happening in their municipality might be the result of mining activities.

“Naalala ko si former DENR Secretary Gina Lopez.. Hindi siya nagkamali sa kanyang pananaw. Mga kababayan natin sa Brooke’s Point at karatig Bayan. Nasa kamay ninyo nakasalalay ang kaligtasan ng inyong Bayan, Mamamayan at ng Inyong mga Pamilya.” Damasco wrote.

It can be remembered that Brooke’s Point is known for its nickel mines.

Some critics believed that building mines in Palawan may badly affect the people living there.

People of Brooke’s point even reelected Mary Jean Feliciano who’s known to be anti-mining, a sign that the majority of the residents of the said municipality were not in favor of big companies taking away their natural resources.

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