Dating EB Dabarkads Gladys Guevarra at partner na si Mike Navarette Guardian, nag-file na ng divorce sa isa’t isa?

Former Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Gladys Guevarra and partner Mike Navarette Guardian’s relationship came to an end.

In a court document posted publicly on the website, it can be seen that Gladys and Mike allegedly made a joint petition for divorce.

The petition was filed on 08/04/2022 in Clark County Nevada Court and the status of the case was already disposed of.

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The status means that the court had already decided about the petition filed by Gladys and Mike.

One year before the divorce filing, Michael also allegedly filed for bankruptcy.

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Gladys also deleted some of her photos together with Mike on her social media page.

It can be remembered that in 2022, Gladys shared that she already brought her own house.

She even shared a photo of her house with the netizens.

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“Day 1 . . . Finally a home [I] can call my own. Ang hirap, pero thank you Lord,” Gladys said.

As of writing, Gladys has yet to give a comment on her current relationship status.

She was now being linked to Joel Mondina also known as ‘Pambansang Kolokoy’ who’s currently residing in Nevada.

Before marrying Michael, Gladys also experienced a bad relationship with her former partner Leon Sumagui.

Gladys accused Leon of stealing money from her ‘Kakanin’ business.

“Ang masakit dun ay ilan ‘tong taong ito na tatanggalin mo ang tiwala sa akin dahil sa ginawa mo. Hindi ako naiiyak, Leon, kasi nawala ka. Wala kang kuwentang tao, Leon,”  Gladys said.

Leon denied the accusations of Gladys against him.

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