Netizens, ipinapa-deport ang isang PH-based German blogger na nangpa-prank ng pick-up girl

A Philippine-based German vlogger received a tremendous amount of criticisms on social media after sharing a prank involving an 18-year-old pick up girl.

In the said video, vlogger ‘Mr Pogi German’ picked a girl in Alabang, Muntinlupa named ‘Abby’ in exchange for money and he shared their discussion together before checking in at a hotel.

He heard why that Abby only wanted to earn decent money because of her child so she decided to enter that kind of work.

german 1

The vlogger only told the girl about the prank when they were already inside the hotel room and just a second away from doing the deed.

In the end, Mr. Pogi gave the girl 10,000 pesos and told her some motivational messages.

However, the vlogger and the girl didn’t stop themself and were still carried away.

german 2

Netizens didn’t like what the vlogger did to the girl, saying that he shouldn’t touch Abby if he just really wanted to prank her.

They also accused Mr. Pogi German of trying to ruin the reputation of the Philippines.

“Di dapat pinapayagan sa Bansa natin toh na laruin gamitin at pagka kitaan Ang kapwa natin Pinay nang Isang dayuhan report block natin Ng sabay sabay toh IPA deport,” netizen Sydney Julian said.

“Do the vlog in your country not in our Beloved Philippines.Exposing such thing is absolutely No respect to the people of The Republic.You are welcome in our Country so give some respect .There‚Äôs a lot of content to make but you literally choose this type?are you serious?what you want to show to the universe?” netizen Jay Pillo commented.

“You should go back to your country! Stop using girls here in the Philippines and filming video like that for your content!” netizen Kate Nava remarked.

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