Mr. Pogi German, denies the accusations from his 17-year-old victim: “I’m a mabait guy!”

Content creator Marcel Messall also known as ‘Mr. Pogi German’ on social media denied the accusations against him by the 17-year-old victim named ‘Abby’ that he featured in his vlog.

It can be remembered that Messall’s video uploaded on January 7 has gone viral on social media after he featured a story about a ‘pick up girl’ that he decided to hire as part of his prank.

At the start of the video, Messall can be seen asking Abby how much should he need to shell out to hire her.

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In response, Abby told Messall that her price was P1,000 for three hours.

They went to a hotel and talked about Abby’s life where the victim claimed that she was working for her child.

When they decided to go to bed, Messall then told Abby about the prank and decided to give her P10,000.

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“You deserve the money. You are such a nice girl.” Messall said.

However, after the video became viral, Abby told the authorities that Messall convinced her to appear in his video because she thought that she was participating in the ’24 Hours Jowa Challenge’.

She had never been told that she would be introduced as a pick-up girl in Messall’s vlog.

Abby also told the authorities that she was 17 years old and not 18.

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However, Messall told the public that the accusations against him by Abby are not true.

“Doing something to an 18 years old is bawal. If I know that she was minor, I will never ever agree to her. Because I’m a mabait guy,” Messall said.

The german national was expected to be deported as soon as possible after the government discovered that he was already overstaying in the country.

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