Alex Gonzaga, hindi napigilan maging emosyonal: “Yung mukha kang matapang sa harap ng maraming tao pero ang bilis mong masaktan.”

Alex Gonzaga became emotional while talking about the criticisms they were receiving on social media.

In her latest podcast, she talked about the impression of the people to the artist like her who were trying to show that they were strong and not affected by criticisms.

According to her, she was still confused about how to convince the public that she was not affected by criticisms without being accused of arrogance.

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Photo from Ano Na Catherine by Alex Gonzaga

“Mahirap siyang aminin sa sarili mo na, I’m a weak person. Yung mukha kang matapang sa harap ng maraming tao pero ang bilis mong masaktan. Pag may sinabi sa ‘yo or may ginawa sa ‘yo yung isang tao, parang apektado ka pero ayaw mong maging ganoong klaseng tao, ayaw mong masabihang ‘Mahina ‘yan eh…’” Gonzaga said.

Alex also shared that she was keeping and solving many problems for herself, refusing to share them with the public and even with her husband.

She even shared that it also came to the point that she looked for a love life as a way to solve her problems.

“I’m not as special as my sister and my family, that’s what I felt which is I’m pretty sure hindi naman gano’n, but ‘yun ‘yung nararamdaman mo,” she shared.

Photo from Alex Gonzaga

It can be remembered that Alex and her sister Toni received criticism on social media because of their past statements.

The criticisms were too severe that some netizens were ready to criticize everything about them.

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