Mga diumano’y nagoyo ng influencer na si Xian Gaza kasama ang ex niyang si Irish Tan, nagsanib pwersa sa social media

Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza, became popular on social media in the past months and he was even featured on several news pages to share some motivational statements with the netizens.

It seems that the continuous popularity of Gaza on social media gave him new followers since he left the country and claimed to escape the authorities.

Before, Gaza was known for being a scammer and even sentenced to five years because of allegedly giving bounced checks. But now his image seems slowly becoming clean as some netizens were taking advice from him.

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However, a Facebook group named ‘Otnis’ that was dedicated to the people who claimed that they were victimized by Gaza has slowly gotten new members.

According to them, Gaza was known for trying to build connections with popular internet celebrities on Facebook for his own gain.

One of the members of the group, Irish Tan shared her bad experience with Xian whom she revealed as her ex-boyfriend.

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Photo from Xian Gaza/FB

According to her, she was convinced by an internet celebrity to send private photos and videos to a man in exchange for money that Gaza could use to travel to different countries.

Tan also wondered how her ex-boyfriend manipulated her to do such things.

“Ginamit mo lang ako,” Tan said.

Some members of the group also warned the netizens not to invest in the projects of Gaza.

A netizen also revealed the alleged ‘Modus’ of the influencer.

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The internet celebrity has yet to give a statement on the accusations he received.

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