Mahirap ba talaga? Pag-amin noon ni Donnalyn Bartolome na nakatanggap siya ng sports car sa edad na 16, binalikan ng netizens

Donnalyn Bartolome was receiving too much criticism from netizens for the past few days after she wrote a message to the public asking why they were sad about going back to work after spending the holiday season.

“Bakit may sad dahil back to work na? Diba dapat masaya ka kasi may chance ka na pagandahin buhay mo at ng pamilya? Trip ko pa nga may work ng January 1 dahil superstition ko may work ako buong taon pag ganun. Dapat grateful kasi may work. If work makes you unhappy, I hope you find a job that will. Yung pakikiligin ka and sheet. Anyway, this is just a reminder that having a job is a blessing bessss change mindset, it’s 2023,” Donnalyn said.

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Photo from Donnalyn Bartolome/FB

Bartolome even tried to pacify the public by sharing touching stories about her ‘struggles’ in the past claiming that she was using public transportation to travel to work and she also experienced what the simple people were facing every day.

However, a vlog of Donnalyn resurfaced on social media where she said that she received her first sports car from her parents when she was only 16 years old.

She was not even legal to drive at that age but her family was too well-off that she received a car from them.

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Photo from Donnalyn Bartolome/YT

In the said video uploaded on March 6, 2021, Donnalyn shared during her new sports car reveal about the first vehicle she received from her parents.

“Though it’s not my first time having a sportscar. The first was a gift from my parents nung 16 ako,” Donnalyn said.

However, the car she presented in 2021 came from his own money.

“It’s true my family is well off pero kasi umalis ako sa amin to pursue my career and I had zero money in my pocket,” she said.


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