Justice Sec. Remulla, ikinatuwa ang naging desisyon ng korte sa kanyang anak: “Justice is served”

Justice Secretary Boying Remulla said that he was ‘happy’ that the court acquitted his son Juanito Jose Remulla III after three months.

It can be remembered that Remulla III has been caught by the members of PDEA after he accepted a parcel containing ‘mary jane’ worth P1.3-M.

In just three months, the court decided that Remulla III should walk free from the charges.

In an interview, Remulla said that he was hoping that his son would get his ‘redemption’ soon.

“Siyempre you are relieved and happy. He had the right to be presumed innocent in the first place. I am just glad justice is served,” Remulla said.

He also said that PDEA’s action against his son is possibly a mistake.

“Wala, wala, let us be sober about it. Nagkakamali rin sila, nangyayari talaga iyon,” the secretary said.

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The decision received criticisms from the netizens, saying that not only Remulla III deserved a speedy trial.

The Justice Secretary also responded to the criticisms they received saying that they cannot please everybody.

“You can never make everybody happy. There are people who will always disagree, and there will always be critics no matter how much you do for the country or for the people,” the official said.

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“There will always be the bashers and that’s part of the life that we live as leaders of this country,” he added.

Aside from the criticisms he was receiving from the case of his son, Remulla is also facing charges from former BuCor chief Gerald Bantag whom accused him of silencing the respondents on Percy Lapid case.

According to Bantag, Lapid criticized Remulla in his radio show uploaded in July 2020 and September 29, 2022.


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