Voltes V: Legacy director Mark Reyes binatikos ang ‘crab mentality’ ng ilang kritiko: “Pag minadali n’yo, sasabihin minadali”

Voltes V: Legacy director Mark Reyes was saddened by the criticisms received by their upcoming program, saying that the ‘crab mentality’ was prevailing on social media.

In a statement, Reyes said that he received some comments asking them to give up the project because they believe that Filipinos cannot make quality CGI, but he wanted to prove them wrong.

“Kung mentality ay crab mentality na ‘Voltes V, gagawin n’yo? Wag n’yo gawin ‘yan, ‘di n’yo kaya ‘yan,’ kelan pa tayo mag-uumpisa?” Reyes said.

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“If we don’t go out there and face this challenge…, we’ll never get anywhere, ‘di ba? Mali ‘yung ‘wag n’yong gawin.’ Wag tayong mag-isip ng gano’n. Walang mangyayari sa Philippine entertainment if we think that way. Kailangan try nating gawin, that should be the attitude that we should have, and we support it,” he added.

According to him, one of the testaments that they created a quality adaptation was approval from Japan, saying that the country where Voltes V originated would never let their creation be wasted by bad quality adaptations.

He also said that Voltes 5 was four years in the making, but he noticed that some netizens criticized them for making the project too long.

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However, he said that people would still complain if they rushed the project.

“Pinagkagastusan ng network, pinayagan ng Japan, may blessing ng Japan, pinaghirapan namin, hindi namin minadali,” he remarked.

“Ang daming naggalit na ang tagal-tagal naman n’yan. At the same time naman, ‘pag minadali n’yo, sasabihin minamadali. And here we are, we’re working on it for almost four years, so give us a chance to see what we’ve done,” he added.

He was hoping that their adaptation would also cater global audience.

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It can be remembered that Voltes V: Legacy received criticisms and doubts from the netizens, fearing that the quality of the show may not become consistent like what they did to Victor Magtanggol.

They also criticized the addition of a ‘love story’ element to the adaptation, however, GMA head writer Suzette Doctolero defended the decision saying that they wanted to ‘humanize’ the characters of Voltes V: Legacy.

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