Rumored girlfriend ni McCoy de Leon na si Mary Joy Santiago, isa ng ganap ng Viva Artist

Rumored girlfriend of actor McCoy de Leon, Mary Joy Santiago announced a highlight in her career.

In a Facebook post, Mary Joy shared that she already signed a contract with VIVA Artist Agency on January 5, 2023.

The signing of the contract happened amid the controversy being faced by Mary Joy after being involved in the issue between McCoy and his former partner Elisse Joson.

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The photos Mary Joy posted made some of her critics became more upset because aside from the exposure she was receiving from the issue of McCoy and Elisse, she’s now getting a contract to become an artist.

They also criticized Viva for making Mary Joy an artist.

“oh diba? galak na galak si ate mo girl. feel na feel. chipipay talaga.” a netizen said.

“The outfit… parang napadaan lang sa VivA. Oh while you’re here sign kana rin ng contract. Lol good luck girl! Karma is a b!” another netizen commented.

Some netizens tried to guess that Mary Joy may become part of a Viva max project.

Viva has yet to give a statement about their plans for Mary Joy who started as an online influencer.

It can be remembered that Mary Joy defended herself from the issue, saying that McCoy was already single when they started talking.

A comment by Elisse to her also recirculated on social media.


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