Sinabotahe si PBBM? Netizen, sinisi si Duterte at Tugade sa nangyaring aberya sa NAIA

A netizen shared her theory on how the technical failure at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) happened.

It can be remembered that thousands of passengers were affected by the said problem that happened on New Year’s Day.

According to netizen @SOtravia, there’s a possibility that former President Rodrigo Duterte and ex-Transporation Secretary Arthur Tugade were behind the said problem.

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She argued that the two former public officials wanted to ‘sabotage’ the trip of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to China.

“With PBBM admin on top of the situation, PH airspace traffic has been restored to order. Flights in and out of the country are nearing normalcy. PBBM’s mandate of heaven remains intact,” the netizen said.

“Duterte & Tugade’s attempt to sabotage PBBM failed to take off. PBBM off to Beijing,” she added.


The netizen didn’t explain how Duterte & Tugade tried to interrupt PBBM’s trip.

Meanwhile, Duterte supporters criticized the said netizen for blaming the retired public officials.


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