Mary Joy Santiago, ipinagtanggol ang sarili matapos akusahang third party sa isyu ni Mccoy de Leon at Elisse Joson

Social media influencer Mary Joy Santiago defended herself from a netizen who accused her of being the reason behind the breakup of celebrity couple Mccoy de Leon and Elisse Joson.

Mccoy has gone viral on social media after he confirmed the split between him and Elisse despite having a child already.

However, several netizens accused Mccoy of cheating on Elisse which became a reason why they got separated.

One of the suspected third parties was Mary Joy who allegedly posted a photo of her together with Mccoy.

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Because of the involvement of Mary Joy, a certain Merrie Lette asked the influencer if she was really having an affair with Mccoy.

She shared some screenshots allegedly taken during her conversation with the influencer.

mary joy 1

In the said conversation, Mary Joy also mentioned the E-Sport player Tristan ‘Yawi’ Cabrera who also allegedly had a conversation with the influencer despite having a girlfriend already.

It also mentioned that Mccoy was already separated when they started to talk to each other.

“BREAK NA SILA BAGO KAMI MAG USAP NI MCCOY OK?” according to the conversation.

mary joy 2

She then told the netizen to mind her own business instead of trying to gain information from her.

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Mary Joy has yet to confirm her relationship with Mccoy as of writing.




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