Actor na si Chuckie Dreyfus sa nangyaring aberya sa NAIA: “When you elect clowns, expect a circus,”

Actor Chuckie Dreyfus couldn’t hide his disappointment at how the government handled the air traffic system failure of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

It can be remembered that the government quickly faced a big problem after a system outage that happened on New Year’s Day affected 56,000 passengers.

Dreyfus is one of the celebrities who criticized what happened, saying that it was already expected when people elected a ‘clown’.

“When you elect clowns, expect a circus.” Dreyfus said.

He was also saddened by some actions from the supporters of the government who pushed for renaming the name of NAIA amid the issue.

“Instead of Modernization of NAIA, renaming it is the solution…” one follower of Dreyfus commented.

Dreyfus was known for being a talented child actor before, winning the ‘Best Child Performer’ and ‘Best Child Actor’ in 1984 at the MMFF and FAMAS.

He also went viral on social media after being one of the volunteers to help veteran actor John Regala with his medications.

However, his relationship with Regala suddenly worsened when he accused the veteran actor of having a bad personality.

Regala denied the accusation of Dreyfus and claimed that he didn’t receive any help from the former child actor.


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