Suzette Doctolero, ipinaliwanag kung bakit may ‘love story’ at ‘agawan’ ang Voltes 5 legacy: “Ginawa naming mas “humanized” ang mga characters”

Suzette Doctolero, the head writer of GMA defended the ‘love story’ and ‘agawan’ element that possibly added to the live adaptation of the popular anime Voltes V.

Several netizens criticized the move of the people behind the said adaptation to add romance in Voltes V: Legacy, saying that it ‘cheapens’ the adaptation.

However, Doctolero explained that there’s a difference between anime and live adaptations.

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She argued that the anime only targeted children, while the live adaptation was created for all ages.

“True, walang love story doon sa anime kasi pambata iyon. Cartoons ang tawag naming mga golden era V5 fans. Wala talagang love story sa cartoons na ang target ay kids. Sinong lokong “cartoons” maker ang gagawa nun?”  Doctolero said.

“Pero dahil ito ay LIVE adaptations, at ang target ay all ages (mula bata hanggang matanda), kaya ginawa naming mas “humanized” ang mga characters. At bilang ang REYALIDAD ay mga kabataang guwapo at magaganda sina Steve, Big Bert, Mark at Jamee kaya yes, may love story. Na hindi malaking part sa kuwento pero mayroon. Imposibleng wala!” she added.

It can be remembered that the director of the said show, Mark Reyes said that they added a love element to the adaptation to cater to Filipino watchers.

He also explained that even the original anime has some dramas and that was the reason why it became popular in the country.

“If you watched the anime, it’s a soap. That’s why I guess it’s close to Filipinos because there’s a heart to it; there’s a familial storyline.” Reyes said.

He also vowed that the love story element of the show is not going to be a distraction to the main storyline.


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