Standee ng isang cosplayer, nabili sa halagang P25,000

A cosplayer has gone viral on social media after she successfully sold her standee for 25,000 pesos.

According to the post of Charess Kurogane, a certain Gary bought her standee for the said price after heated bidding.

She’s cosplaying Genshin Impact character Yoimiya in the said standee.

The photo received mixed reactions from the netizens and some of them joked about the decision of the said cosplay fan.

“Nukayagagawen niya jan? ihahagis sa kama tas kukumutan cguro,” netizen Bryan Corpuz said.

“Gary kung may asawa ka man, sana okay pa kayo,” netizen Celso Velus commented.

“Literally could have just print it lmao man’s down bad fr but respect for the dedication,” netizen Michael Dulguime remarked.

Meanwhile, some netizens defended the decision of Gary, saying that the man was using his own money to buy some happiness so no one should question him.

“Totoo, daming inggit, dinadahilan pa na kesyo hindi financial literate si kuya HAHAHAHAHA daming alam,” netizen Anton Del Rosario wrote.

“Kahit tawagin nyo siyang simp, di naliligo at kung ano ano pa, that doesnt change the fact na may pambid sya na worth 25k at kayo ay wala,” netizen Rusi Crosette stated.


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