Netizens, pumalag sa 14,800 na steak sa bagong tayong restaurant sa Laperal House sa Baguio City

Some netizens couldn’t hide their excitement after being informed that the Laperal White House, one of the most famous mansions in Baguio City was transformed into a restaurant.

It can be remembered that the Laperal White House has a bad reputation for being a hunted house and most of the tourists visiting were more curious if they will feel something unnatural when they enter the house.

laperal house 3
Laperal House before being renovated. Photo from Baguio City Guide

The said house was built in 1920 and it became a garrison of Japanese soldiers during WW2. Many believed that some Filipino and American soldiers perished in the said house which became the source of hunted stories about Laperal Mansion.

Last year, it was announced that Laperal House would get a renovation and become an upscale restaurant called ‘Joseph’s’.

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Laperal House after being renovated into a restaurant. Photo from Baguio Transient House/FB

It was opened last December, however, some netizens lost their excitement and were surprised after they saw the menu of the restaurant.

According to the restaurant, a 5-course menu would cost 2,830 pesos per person.

laperal 1
Photo from Joseph’s

To enjoy an Angus Rib-Eye steak that can be shared by 3 to 4 persons, they need to shell out P14,800 pesos.

Some netizens joked that while Laperal Mansion is not scary anymore after the renovation, the price of the food in the said restaurant may cause them to shiver.

laperal 2
Photo from Joseph’s

“Sa mga nghahanap ng creepy place to dine-in.. GO na kayo dito cgurado pati sa presyo ng pagkain cguradong matatakot din kau,” netizen Sheryl Tadeo said.

“Kaya mahal ang menu kasi mahal din sahod ng mga crew na lumulutang,” netizen Dharen Pinzon remarked.

“Nag silayas na ung mga dating multo jan nung nalaman na ganyan ung presyo sila na natakot,” netizen Mader Myrick commented.

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